DIY Floating Shelves Project To Try Yourself

floating shelves

DIY floating shelves are the easiest way to add instant storage and display to a room in your home and it’s easy to do by yourself. All you need is some wood, brackets, and a little know-how. There are so many great reasons to get started today on your own DIY floating shelves project. If you’re one of those people whose house is always in too much mess to tackle a project mode, then this is perfect project for you. It’s cheap. You can do it with just one or two friends. It’ll provide an instant spark of organization and style that will give you the momentum to tackle another project.

floating shelves

And if you’re like me, then there’s something inherently satisfying about taking raw materials and transforming them into beautiful pieces for your home.

DIY floating shelves

This particular project will also teach you all about how to cut wood down. How to use a power tool like a circular saw. How to measure and drill holes in wood, which kind of brackets to use, how to mount them correctly. Most importantly: how to hang things on these newly created floating shelves!

Here below you can find a tutorial video how to DIY floating shelves

In the end, creating your own DIY floating shelves is a perfect way to really add a new, welcoming design feature to your kitchen. It doesn’t take too much DIY skill (and certainly doesn’t require carpenter skills), so it’s a good project to start your do it yourself career off with. And if you’re not totally confident at the end of this guide? Well, that’s just fine—the beauty of these shelves is that they are pretty forgiving to begin with. You will not only be proud of yourself for having given them a shot, and also you’ll always be proud to show them off as well!

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